Monday, February 4, 2013

He's Turning Three

Few more counting days and Jaden will turn three years old. It's so fast... Time flies soooo fast we can't imagine. It's like I am still thinking of the time we are very careful cuddling him because he is so fragile. Now, we are always chasing each other every time we will put on clothes on him, putting on his diapers. We are always shouting at him seeing how climbed the couch, stairs, table and chairs. He is a super active child. Does he change when he's three? We'll see if we can see changes in his super active action later. But I believe as he grows mature he will learn thing to put in place.

The only prayer we have for him that as he grows older, he will follow what the Word of God says. We want to see him walking in the truth. We want to see him being a blessing to others especially for Thai people while we are here in Thailand. The Almighty God will be the one to guide him and lead him to righteousness. We are just an instruments God used to nurture him but all the rests is for God's divine perfect way for him. We have so much joy seeing our little Jaden getting bigger and bigger. Growing each day. To God Be The Glory...!

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