Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jaden's Christmas Gift From a Friend

Again, I am two months late posting this article. Busy...! a sort of... but maybe not the real reason. I just forgot it many times. Since I took the photo on my mobile phone and the thought that I forgot to upload on our computer that neglected not in purpose so I got late on posting.

It was my wife's desire to buy for Jaden a small bike on Christmas season. I think it's time for him to start to learn how to ride a bike. He was so excited when he saw the new bike my wife carried home from the store. Fortunately, or I would say God's blessing for our little son that a friend of ours came to visit us that day to spend the holiday with us, so she gave bought this to Jaden. Praises and thanksgiving to God for His faithfulness in our family.

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