Thursday, February 28, 2013

Our Birthday Boy Has Colds

Just this morning my wife check our little boy and he has a little fever and colds... No way.... just come to my mind... He will be celebrating his birthday on Saturday and we have plans to go to Songkhla Zoo.. But how can we go if he he is sick. Lord please heal Jaden so that he will enjoy his 3rd birthday on Saturday.

Take note.... this is also my first time to be with my little boy during his birthday. On his first birthday I was in Chiang Mai and on his second birthday he was in the Philippines with his mom. I just pray that we will enjoy being together celebrating his 3rd birthday. We still have 1 day to go before his birthday. Hope tomorrow he will be better and colds will be gone. But still its all in God's hand. Thank you Lord...!

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