Monday, February 4, 2013

To Sell Or Not To Sell

It's already a couple of months ago when the van was broken. Oh, by the way, we used that van last October during our Team Prayer Retreat and during that time we just sneak it off from the repair shop then returned back after the retreat. After a few days of waiting to fix it they charge us more than we expect and they never told us that they put some other parts. We never agreed so they took all the new parts and put back the old ones.

I just used it few days then problem comes. It won't start anymore. Because I've been busy, I was not able to manage on fixing it and one day we found out the back tire was flat. Another problem...! Now, i have no idea where to find someone to fix the battery and the tire. I'm just hoping that the problem quite easy like to buy auto lifts and then very easy to put it on the car for towing. But now, there's a possibility of selling this van yet the plan is not final yet. To sell or not to sell, it all depends on our Team leader.

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