Sunday, March 31, 2013


What is cyberlink? What do you know about this? Do you know AVCHD editing too? I really want to know more about this things. I believe today's technology has a lot to offer. People doesn't had a hard time looking for resources. Computer technology is always the answer. Even people doing research they use most of their time looking at the computer. You can also get some term papers available whatever areas you needed. It is very easy nowadays. But for me, I have a lot of needs needs to know about computer. I don't know some short cuts or some controls in the keyboard.

Since I am not an expert in modern technology, I need to learn more. I need to explore more. Then I can add more programs in my computer. I always tried some program that is available in my computer like powerpoint, excel, etc. They are important to know. I think this programs are very useful. About making videos, I want to learn this one. But sometimes my very problem is, I am not patient to learn things which I think very complicated. This is my struggles. But my desire is to learn more in using my computer.

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