Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Enrollment Is Closed

We've been planning that we will enroll Jaden to school this year. We want him to start in his foundation especially in Thai language. Thai language is very important to him since we are here in Thailand. We want him to exposed more to Thai people so I think enrolling him to school is a good start. My wife is planning also to give Jaden a homeschool lessons for English language. So maybe we will look first at textbook price comparison at and we'll check if we can afford it. Then we will also start homeschooling for him as well.

Last few days ago I've been looking for school where we can send Jaden to school. We did asked our Thai friend if she knew schools that has a good curriculum and maybe considering for a Bi-lingual school. I came to the school that our friend told me and when I inquired they are already closed for accepting applicants for nursery. I like the ambiance of the school and it's also a government school so there's no school fees needed but we need to buy for his personal things for schooling. But since enrollment closed already maybe we can enroll him next year. I was a little bit late for inquiry.

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