Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hard To Find A Cheap House For Rent

It's already 2 weeks since we are scouting to a house available for rent. We have two volunteer workers will help us for a long term and he need a place for them to stay. We saw some houses for rent but it is quite expensive and I believe they can't afford to take it. We need a cheaper one that both of them will not struggle much of they house rent payment.

Besides, they need to provide their own bedding too. With regards to bedding maybe best memory foam bulk can help them find what they need? We'll see if it's affordable and they want to have it. Aside from bedding they need to provide their kitchen stuff as well. Since we haven't found any house for them to stay bedding and kitchen stuff will be set aside first. The most important for now is the place for them to settle down. Hope to find one soon.

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