Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Last Saturday

Last Saturday, I did many trips sending my family and friends to the bus station. It was ridiculous driving three times by a motorbike. Sorry, we don't have a car to drive yet. We can't find a thuk thuk (seems like a taxi in Thailand) to send us to the bus station. But still we made it. We did had a great time at the proposed place we went to.

Funny thing was, a night before Saturday my motorbike was broken after we reached home. Need to be fix right away. Early the next morning, thinking that it can be fixed soon but i was wrong. The mechanics said they have to find for a spare parts in the other stores. It can't be... We don't have a motorbike to use. What was the problem with it? Wishing Reid Supply knobs is just near us to help us fixed our problem with my motorbike.Yet we have no choice but to be content and wait when they can fix it. Good thing we have another motorbike, so I just patiently take a three trips going to the bus station.

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