Saturday, May 18, 2013

Jaden Was Sick

We were hesitant and have some doubts if we will come back to Thailand on our date schedule. We were so eager to be back in Thailand but a day before our flight schedule was, Jaden got a high fever. I and my wife just asked each other, what shall we gonna do? What is happening to us. Is this satan's scheme to give us doubts and hesitations?

With much prayer we made up our decision to go back to Thailand on our flight schedule. We traveled last Thursday morning from Laguna province to Clark, Pampanga to take our flight there even Jaden has still fever. From time to time we give him medications and we bought a cool fever aid. I think I helps lessen his fever. We took our flight even Jaden was still weak and he always complained that his tummy hurts and he wanted to threw up. We always uttered prayer that God will sustain us during our travel and that He will give healing upon Jaden. After more that 3 our travel we landed at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and there before we get off the plane Jaden threw up. After throwing up, he felt better. We give him his last medication that Thursday night at the Hotel where we stayed and Praise God... the following day his fever was God. His strength back to normal and his eating appetite is back to normal. He did regain strength that day. Thank God for His Faithfulness in our lives... To God Be The Glory....!

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