Friday, June 21, 2013

Changing Routine For Jaden

It's already three weeks when we changed Jaden's routine. He was also affected by the changes made at home. My wife's cousin got a full-time teaching job in school so we got to change everything concerning our little boy and her 7 months old baby. Her baby was sent to a nursery center from 7:30 am 'til 5 pm. Our 3 year old boy has no choice but to wake up early around 7:30 am and go with us to the center. At first its too hard for him to wake up that time and he is a bit grouchy but later he was used to it so he wakes up by himself on or before 7:30 am. As we changed his routine I believe he is also learning things. Not that easy for him but I know he will grow in the way God shapes him.

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