Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Getting Rid Of Lice

Our trip in the Philippines was fun and 100% we enjoyed it but we can't overlooked that there are some negative things happened but not too bad or serious at all. One of this was Jaden got lice... I am not so sure if only Jaden has because my wife is also complaining that she has an itchy head most often.. His cousins has a lot of lice and no wonder that he cannot be contacted by lice since we are in one room. Jaden come back to Thailand always scratching his itchy head. Knowing that his hair is quite thicker we can see the lice right away.

Taking lice one by one will be difficult to get rid of it, we decided to take him to the barber shop and have a skinhead. This is the easiest way getting rid of the lice on his head. Poor baby, he got a skinhead haircut so untimely. But it turns out good for him though. 

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