Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kids Program

We got some changes from time to time in our ministry. Workers leave and definitely the ministry will be affected but I believe God's plan is still perfect. He will never let His Will be void. He will make His perfect own way. We are thankful that through thick and thin by God's sufficient grace we endure and He shows more open doors.

Early this year we got a couple of volunteers that are committed to serve God for a long term. Through this we will revive our kids ministry. We will open the center again for the kids. We need some additional school materials which is necessary for the kids education. Speaking of school materials we can check some available stuff and designs on the internet. Maybe we will try for 36" drawer slides if we needed it. For now, we are sorting our available materials so that we will know what to buy for additional stuff. Hopefully this month we are done and next month we will be ready to open for service.

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