Sunday, June 23, 2013

Youtube Everyday

Our grown up baby is in youtube everyday. You know what's his favorite video to watch in youtube? He got a couple of videos that everyday he doesn't missed to watch. Babar, Khan Kluay, Dumbo and some other short clips. Have you watched this movies? Do you know the character of this movies? All this movies has an elephant main character. And one thing that he likes about this movies were the portions that there were like a marching band. If he hears the sound of the instruments, he will get off from his seat and do the marching too. He really loves to hear the sound of the drums. What if he can see the real pdp drums at musicians friend in front of him? What do you think he will do?

Anyways, this movies in youtube make him crazy marching inside the house everyday. He got a lot of adventures in his life being a little boy. We are just smiling at him every time we saw him marching around. Sometimes he wants us to march with him too.

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