Saturday, September 14, 2013

Free Hair Dye Service

We have no choice but to admit the fact that we are growing older. Growing older means gray hair come along.... But believe me... at my age now...( as they said... life begins at ....) you can seldom spot a white hair on my head. I am so happy with that... It's looks like I don't want to have one in me because I do look so young... lol..

But my wife has already had a number of gray hair growing rapidly on her head. She did a couple of times to dye her hair... She just thought to have a hair dye at the salon will break of budget, she just decided to bought a dye color and to do it at home. Honestly, to go to salon is a bit expensive that's why my wife don't dare to spent that much. Better do it at home. Now comes my duty... to dye her hair. This is the best time we shared our moments together as couple. I call this as part of our bonding experience. This is a priceless service exclusive for my wife.

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