Monday, November 4, 2013

First Day In School

It was our happiest day this morning when we send Jaden to his school. This is his first day in school. We were worried maybe he will cry if we left him alone in school but to our surprise he just wave his hand goodbye to us as we leave the school. Think he will learn a lot more. I believe even this is not a music specialization school yet he can learn how to sing and enhance him more in the music field. I am aware that this school were Jaden goes is not that big school and they don't have musical instruments like lr baggs lyric yet his music ability can be improve even in singing. Maybe later, we can plan out for his music school but not soon. Or we will just ask our friend to teach him some music instruments like guitar or keyboard. But for now, we are happy that he is in school and my wife can focus more on the ministry we had. 

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