Sunday, November 24, 2013

Jaden's School

This is where our little boy goes Monday to Friday. This is only a small Kindergarten school but I think from the start it's better Jaden will used to it this is a good start for him as his experience to be in school. Anyway, we have no problem with Jaden on his first day of school. We thought that he will cry or won't let us go off his sight but it seems he was excited to be in school. 

They have a number of kids stuff to let the kids play during their break time. This time they added more that I wasn't able to take pictures. They just set it up few days ago. We like this place for Jaden because it's not crowded too. I think more or less 20 kids were in this school. And one more thing... this school is just around 300 meters away from our house.

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