Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sound System Needed

In our previous years holding a Christmas party on the street we don't have to worry with the sound system because we hired for it. Even our music and instruments were provided. But this year will be quite different. We will not held a party on the street. We never prepare or invited groups to present on the said event. We just prepare some Christmas songs and a simple presentation of the kids in the community. Then we will hold a Christmas party in the community itself and this time in a different place nearby.

We planned to look for some friends who has a sound system for us to use. Even a simple amplifier like egnater amp will be fine. Since this is a small community we don't need an fancy party. Simple is better but the message we will bring is the most important. Share the love of Jesus to all mankind. Praying they will understand the true message of Christmas.

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