Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Birthday Plan

Our son's birthday will be soon and we had come up with some plans what to do on his birthday. Especially my wife, she has some considerations since it will absolutely her efforts when it comes to food preparations. She doesn't want to invite people because she don't want to prepare food. She might be worried that we don't have enough kitchen utensils for her to use. I understand her.
Also, what gifts we can give to our son on his 4th birthday? Yeah, we are thinking we can give him an elephant ride because he like elephant so much. Or maybe a keyboard like Moog Keyboards because he likes music and instruments as well. Or we will go back to Songkhla Zoo for him to enjoy swimming. We need to finalize this before his birthday comes.We'll see what will be our final judgement on this. We only want our son enjoy the moment on his birthday.

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