Thursday, January 16, 2014

Late Christmas Presents

My son was so anxious last Christmas opening his presents. It was a real joy for an innocent 3 years and 10 months old boy to have gifts. The only thing he knew was that, he has some gifts. While opening his gifts he doesn't know which one first to open. That was his first time to open presents. He doesn't know where to put his excitement.
One of my desire is to buy Jaden a Helicopter as a Christmas presents though not on his age yet but that's what I thought. He was fascinated to see RC Helicopters flying in the mall every time we go to the mall. He wants to have one. But I am afraid he will just break it because doesn't know how to use it.
For me, it was an early dream come true when we received a package from abroad. It's a toy from which I wanted to have for Jaden. When I heard from a friend that this online company has something for giveaways for bloggers, I grabbed the opportunity. I also selected this helicopter which I want to give to Jaden. Now I don't need to buy it.
As I can see, there product is nice and really durable. When I tested it, since I'm not an expert of toys with remote controls, I always banged the helicopter down. It doesn't break easily. It is very light and handy. Guys if you are looking for some toys for your kids try this online shop which can give you a satisfactory services and quality product. I will try to look more toys for my son in this site.

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