Monday, January 27, 2014

Move To Another School

We've made some consideration to move Jaden to another school. We like his school now because there's only a number of kids attending that school. Even the teachers are nice as well. But our activities at the center will have some changes too if he will remain in his current school. If he move to the school where his Aunt is teaching then this will be easier for us. We will not rush ourselves to pick him up in the afternoon because he can stay with his Aunt for awhile. After making reviews about advantages and disadvantages, we see that moving him to another school will be absolutely possible. On the other hand we are still considering to have him homeschooling. Or if there's an online schooling for his age maybe we will enroll him too. But for now, I only know that there is an online essay writers available. I think we will enroll Jaden for homeschooling on his Primary level. We also want Jaden to learn basic Thai languages and also reading and writing in Thai. For now we will stick to our present plan and move to another considerations with our future plans for him.

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