Saturday, January 25, 2014

Please Pray For Thailand

It was more than two months that there's political unrest here in Thailand. Yesterday I read this article from Philippine Embassy website that advised Filipino community here in Thailand to be vigilant and must avoid to go to the area where protesters are. Please do pray for this political issue that is happening in Thailand now. God bless Thailand. God loves the people of Thailand. 
Here's the message from the Philippine Embassy:   

Notice Regarding the Situation in Thailand 

The Royal Thai Government declared a 60-day state of emergency in Bangkok, Province of Nonthaburi, Lad Lum Kaew district in the Province of Pathum Thani, and Bang Phli district in the Province of Samut Prakan. In view of this, the Philippine Embassy advises Filipinos with essential travel plans to, and those residing in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand, to observe the following safety precautions with greater sense of awareness:
  1. Avoid large crowds and demonstrations as there have been incidents of violence with some fatalities;
  2. Refrain from participating   and/or showing support in any form to any of the parties;
  3. Be vigilant and closely monitor developments;
  4. Contact the Embassy in any case of emergency via the following:

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