Monday, January 27, 2014

Problem In The Morning

When we decided to send Jaden to school we never thought or consider some other things. We were just excited to send him to school this school term. Lately we just realized maybe he is not ready for school yet. We had problem waking him up in the morning. Especially if he sleeps around 10 o'clock in the evening. but if he slept an hour early then he wakes up easily. We want him to sleep early but it seems he cannot sleep early. Do you have problems with you child early in the morning? Hope Jaden will get used to it.

So we had so many entertainment in waking him up or else his mood will not be good enough. But sometimes if he really doesn't want to go to school we just leave him sleeping. Really encouraging as parents how to deal with your child. Sometimes we have some apprehensions that we pamper him much. Or we are nagging him much. praying that God will give us wisdom in nurturing our son. Our prayer for him is that his life will be a channel of blessing to Thai people as well. May he walk in God's path as he grow mature.

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