Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hand Foot And Mouth Disease

Unfortunately, we don't have any idea what is Hand Foot and Mouth disease symptoms or how does it looks like. We never thought that our son will experience this kind of disease. We just heard this kind of sickness but we never mind this thinking it won't happen to our child but it did happen. Last two weeks, we saw our son with some blisters in his hands and foot and we noticed that he doesn't want to eat as well. We thought his sore in his mouth is just normal. Later, he has a high fever. That first day we saw some blisters and sore, he never had eaten anything. After 3 days we decided to see the doctor to help us know what's going on with our son. Good thing he tries to help himself of drinking milk and water. Our poor 4 year old boy lose weight just for few days. The time we see the doctor, we found out that it was a HFMD. We are trying to figure out where did he get that kind of disease.

Praise God after a week of suffering he was healed and had a good appetite in eating. It was a strange experience for us and we saw our son suffered so much with it. But we still praise God for His faithfulness and sustaining grace was upon us. We got a sleepless night but God gives us enough strength we needed everyday.

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