Friday, July 25, 2014

School Closed

It's so hard to train your child to get used of its routine to go to school Monday to Friday. Especially during the weekend our child used to sleep late because of no school the next day. I think for Americans, they really train their child to sleep early with school or no school everyday but for Asians, most parents let their child sleep late during the weekend thinking of no school the following they. But next week situation is different, the school of our little boy announced that they have no class the whole week. Early next week is the celebration of our Muslim friends after their 30 days of fasting and the government gladly celebrates with them. Then mid week is the Hospital nearby our place is preparing for an occasion that one of the Royal family is coming and Jaden's school will be affected by this. Therefore, they concluded to announce of 1 week school break in the middle of their first school term. Our little boy will definitely enjoy sleeping late at night then.

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