Friday, October 17, 2014

Not Ready Yet

When I ask my wife if she's ready to move soon, she took a deep sigh... and said.. it's like I don't want to move. I think we have the same feelings right now. It seems I am not yet ready to move but our hearts desire id to follow God's leading in our lives. Nothing is bests except following His perfect will in our lives.

I remember the situation Jesus experience in Gethsemane, He ask His Father to let the cup pass from Him but not His will but His Father's will be done. It was the best choice Jesus did and I believe this is also the best choice we have. Always to obey the perfect leading of our Great God.

Besides, the new house is not also ready for occupancy. There are some fixing needed. We still have at least 3 weeks to prepare and pack our things. Hope we can find a right person to fix things we needed to fix within this week.

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