Sunday, December 7, 2014

Looking For An Ideal School

We are now looking for an ideal school where we can enroll Jaden in the next school year. There are some issues in the Thai Schools for spanking kids. Even our little boy complain that he was spanked by his teacher. He doesn't want sometimes to go to school because the teacher hit him. We may think that this is a normal issues with local Thais but how about for foreign kids that hitting kids is a big issue or even teachers were prohibited to spank their students. Hope we can find one here before the next school year starts.

One more consideration as we look for a new school for our little boy is the school that teaches good in music. We want Jaden to be oriented in music aspect in his life. We want him to be able to play musical instruments. Might not be right now to buy a guitar or keyboard for him but sooner if he is already has a desire for instruments then we can consider buying him one. It may not like epiphone pro1 classical but with a quality kind of guitar.

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