Friday, April 3, 2015

Stay At Home

I believe in the family, we have come to a point that we need to think what is best for our kid/s and make a decision which sometimes the hardest part in our life. Now I understand, most mothers needs to give up things they loves to do for the sake of their beloved kid/s. Which I really appreciate how mothers sacrifices things for their loved ones.

Now, my wife has to do it as well. She has to take a full month rest from work to give ample time for our only child. She was not used to it but I pretty much assured that she will love it to be with our son. At first, our son felt strange that his mom will teach her at home. It was not his routine everyday. But yeah, we have decided that my wife, this summer she will take a couple of hours to teach our son. She will stay home with our son which I greatly appreciated.

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