Saturday, June 6, 2015

He's Coping Up

Recently, we noticed that our son has a hard time with his school assignments. We also asked his teacher if he is doing well in the classroom because we felt that Jaden is quite behind with his classmates when it comes to learning. He is already in K3 but he cannot read and write. Much more with his Thai. He really had a difficult time learning Thai language. He needs to cope up with it. We tried to asked his teacher if they offered a special classes in Thai subjects but unfortunately they don't have it in school.

Nevertheless, we are a bit at peace that he is happy with his new school. I believe he can cope up in his Thai language. Be able to read and write before the second semester comes. One of the disadvantage as well is, we are teaching him Thai which I believe sometimes it's wrong. On the other hand, he is learning with our kids at home too.

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