Saturday, June 6, 2015

Some Stuff Needed

Since we got 7 kids at home instantly, we were not ready to prepare some stuff for them at home. We needed some bedding, dresser, etc. I will try this wholesale tablecloths store if they got some things we needed. It's really difficult to look things that were urgently needed. But I believe we can complete all these at the right time. We are still on the process figuring out what must be accomplished first then next until we are done.

But good thing, these kids are contended of what is there available for them. They have to be patient and must really exercise their patience. As far as we observed, they are a very nice and obedient kids and since they were with us for more than a month, we never had a big problem with them. Thank God for the opportunity given to us to serve God through these precious kids.

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