Sunday, September 13, 2015

Thai School For Foreign Kids

We have some struggles along the way when we sent our son to a Thai school. This gives me a lot of questions especially for parents who don't have basic knowledge in Thai language or their Thai reading. I won't boast myself that I can read Thai because when it comes to our school assignments especially in their Thai subject, I admit that I have a hard time most of the time understanding Thai instructions. Good thing for us, we have Thai teenage kids that can help me if I can't really do it myself. One more thing, I tried to help our son with his assignments giving him instructions in English and he is learning it in their school in Thai instruction. I am not sure if there are some effects on kids development.

Surely this is a hard thing for some foreign parents sending their kids to a normal Thai school. I would understand their agony on this situation. I believe foreign kids will excel when they already got a breakthrough in their school. Hope our Jaden will surpass this kind of challenge in his childhood and education.

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