Tuesday, November 24, 2015


I am already in a countdown for our vacation to Philippines this year. It's been more than two years that we haven't gone home to Philippines and I am excited to see my family, friends, churchmate. I know that our family in the Philippines are now preparing some itinerary of our stay there.

Eventually, we have already in mind what to bring back home for our family and friends. We are already scheduled to buy some silver jewelry in Nakhonsithamarat. We have been there many times to buy some rings, bracelets and necklaces and I would say that they have a quality products there. This is the reason why we want to go back there.

But if you looking for a nice ring for your wedding you can try here I believe you will like it. I am considering trying one from here on our wedding anniversary next year. I still have enough time to save money.

Anyways, we really like silver there and it is a lot cheaper than buying in the jewelry stores here in our area.
We are also planning to buy more and sell it to our friends. This will help with our expenses while on our vacation there. 

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