Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Little Break

I would say that this is a little break for me right now. I am up north of Thailand for two weeks. Actually, this is not totally a break, like having a holiday but good enough to be away from stresses in our daily routine with the kids. I am here in Chiang Mai for a two-week seminar class module on my further studies.

I am a bit released from my daily routine which is really good for me. Which, unfortunately not good for my wife to be alone with 9 kids in the house. She has someone to help tho. Yet, I really felt her struggles everyday as I talk to her. This is not an easy endeavor to her right now, but still believing God will continue to sustain us with His abundant grace.

I am very glad that God has given me the opportunity to be away from home for awhile but on the other hand felt sorry to let my wife stay at home with these 9 kids. I might give her a break as well when I get back to the south.

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