Friday, April 7, 2017

A New Guitar

Recently, my brother-in-law bought a guitar in Big Extra. They got a sale price so he grab the opportunity to buy one. He really loves instruments which I envy of. Every time we visit them, my wife take her time to hold the guitar and started singing. It is always our joy to sing together even we always argue with the timing. It was fun to have a musical instrument. I hope I can buy one soon for my wife. I really don't know how to play guitar. I would say that I love music but it seems music doesn't like me.
Anyway, I am grateful that they have one instrument in their house because that his passion. Playing musical instruments is his life. For now, he is not looking for Guitar Center, audio equipment since they only have a small house.I think they will need it if they can have a bigger house not here but in the Philippines.

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