Friday, April 28, 2017

Fun-Filled Retreat

Retreat was over and I would say that we have had a fun-filled event for us Filipinos. It is indeed a refreshing time meeting each other and sharing what's happening in our daily life. We had much time spent listening to God's Word which is the major thing that renewed our thirsty souls. And of course, we also devote some of our time worshiping God through singing. A wonderful music of praises to God were sang melodiously. Our guitarist was very good in handling her guitar but sorry it is not the hollow body guitar available at Musicians Friend. Hoping that we can have that one but since we are only a small group that gathers regularly, we can't afford to acquire it. I think we are contented with what we have right now as long as we are able to sing praises to our God harmoniously with a simple instruments available.
Some of our friends also enjoyed the swimming before leaving the vicinity.

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